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Which means during FIFA 23 his card is graded at 86

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With the new league kicking off just a few weeks ago, the supporters will be hoping their teams of choice will take home their share of the fame FIFA 23 Coins. Seria Fans who wish for their team to go on a different dimension can always take a look at EA's FIFA 23, which has updated ratings for players. Like any new FIFA game, all eyes are on the most highly-rated players of the league.

Wojciech Szczesny has been the primary goalie at Juventus for a long time. He joined the club in the year 2017 and, during his first year, he acquired the reputation of being one of the best goalkeepers in Serie A.

Sadly the teams of Szczesny and Juventus have entered a time of decline. While they have been champions for the past nine consecutive years They have been left out of those in the top three during the past two seasons. Despite his shaky performance, his rating has only been decreased by 1 point, which means during FIFA 23 his card is graded at 86.

There was plenty of speculation over Skriniar's new club in the summer, including Paris Saint Germain looking the most certain of attracting this Slovakian into the French League. The move, however, never materialized, and now Skriniar is fighting for a chance to win back the top spot in the league.

"Wins to Watch" implies that the team of the player wins three of their next eight domestic ties (starting October 30) and they are awarded an additional, one-time upgrade to their stats similar to an in-form. Thus, if Man City win 3/8 games, Haaland gets another +1 over and above the in-form updates he receives. (Lol 'if'.)

Nations to Watch means that any player with an Ones to Watch card whose country is participating at the World Cup will receive a single in-form upgrade in the event that their team wins a game in the competition. The Erlings are having a difficult time on this particular front cheap FUT 23 Coins, according to reports, due to Norway's non-participation. ('Tough times for Erling' is not something we expect to write on many other occasions this year/decade/millennium.)


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