Twitch Streamer Beats Elden Ring Without Damage Of Any Sort

On April 1, Twitch streamer Seki executed something pretty stunning In FromSoftware's Elden Ring. Elden Ring Runes  After many tries and hours of exercise Seki, the professional streamer completed what will be the sector's first recorded no-hit/no-damage run inside the Elden Ring.

Seki's race, which turned into now not hit, become simply beneath three hours and become accomplished live on move after which he shared the photograph of his win quickly later on on Twitter, excitedly saying the news. On Twitter, Seki claimed that his great run was a "global's first." A few human beings wondered this , pointing to an in advance run of streamer GinoMachino from March 13. But, even though GinoMachino did entire Elden Ring with out taking any hits, his run is quite extraordinary from the only Seki did.

"No-Hit/No Damage is harder than a ordinary no-hit run since the participant can't suffer [any] environmental damage along with poison/fall harm, and so on," Seki explained to MMOexp. "This creates a undertaking for the sport because I don't have get admission to to any buffs, inclusive of Red-Feathered branchswords that would increase my damage output if I had low fitness."

This manner Seki has to keep away from any type of harm, large or small, all through the complete game. Consider how normally you have played Elden Ring and by accident fell and received some fall injury or maybe gotten poisoned by the swamp. If whatever like that takes place inside the case of Seki all through his run, he's compelled to begin from scratch. This turns a difficult and hard game an excellent greater tough beast to tackle.

The fulfillment of the run is awe-inspiring. Seeing someone complete Elden Ring in under 3 hours with their fitness bar not ever crashing is a enticing even though (like me) do now not have a ardour for FromSoftware games and Elden Ring. (There is a factor inside the race wherein Seki places on a special talisman that reinforces his health and damage. At that second the fitness bar of his person expands and it appears as if Seki has been hit but, that is truly what the item does.)

As in line with the streamer who has run comparable no-hit runs in distinctive FromSoftware games, which include Sekiro the sport, he logged extra than one hundred thirty hours simply seeking to try this no-hit/no-harm run. It involved making plans, practice in addition to countless attempts. As for what tools Seki is the usage of to overcome Elden Ring with out taking any harm, it is an everyday package presenting a fan favored moonveil katana.

"I use a dexterity/intelligence build. My principal weapon is the Moonveil katana" Seki defined. Seki. He additionally uses the spell referred to as Rock Sling to assist do away with mobs from sure zones of the sport. Sometimes, in a game like this, it becomes obvious the most bizarre and unusual location of the game is the maximum tough component to tackle, such as a random section full of toxic enemies or something much like that. But Seki knowledgeable me that poeticallyspeaking, the most tough part of the complete race changed into in the direction of the stop.

"The hardest portion of the game by way of far is the very last boss: Elden Beast," said Seki."It comes with a specific pass which is broadly called unjust: Elden Stars. One of the handiest methods to save you it from happening is to knock him down whilst he's casting the spell. This required a variety of time of unique exercise and education to time correctly."So Seki occasionally would not fail a run until he reached the very quit of the sport. He'd being a entire game till that moment. And if the boss hit him or triggered any damage to him, he'd must restart the entirety.

After pulling off such an outstanding feat many may need to relax and take a destroy. buy Elden Ring Items Perhaps you may play your sport in a normal way and take a damage. However, it's no longer what Seki plans to do. He tells me what his purpose for the future is to start running towards finishing an "All Remembrances No-Hit" run, which he calls an "genuine task of the mind." Seki is also enthusiastic about the increasing speedrunning and hitless run community in Elden Ring."I would like to peer the hitless community come collectively in a bid to broaden new techniques for beating the sport."Meanwhile plenty of others are seeking to just outsmart the boss Elden Ring.

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