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Kiyan Prince has been added to FC 21 15 years after his death

A teen footballer who was murdered in 2006 has been added to FC 21 in a joint collaboration between EA, Queen Park Rangers, and the Kiyan Prince Foundation.

Kiyan Prince, who was a youth footballer at Queen Park Rangers, died while trying to break up a fight at his school in Edgware in 2006.

To honour Prince, and to bring awareness to the effects of knife crime, Prince is being added to FC 21 on the 15th anniversary of his death. He will appear in game as a 30-year-old, playing for QPR.

EA worked with Prince family and friends, and employed digital graphics studio Framestore (who worked on Avengers: Endgame) in conjunction with imagery from Prince teens to create his in-game experience.

Speaking to Reuters, Prince father Dr Mark Prince, former IBF and WBO inter-continental light-heavyweight boxing champion, talked about his inclusion in FC 21, saying:21My hope is that the world finally gets to glimpse Kiyan incredible potential fulfilled. We get to honour his talent and, hopefully, we can inspire other kids to honour their own talent too.21

Kiyan Prince in FC 21.  EA

Dr Prince founded the Kiyan Prince Foundation in 2007, to raise awareness and combat knife crime, and other forms of youth violence. He gives motivational talks and conducts workshops to cheap EAFC 24 Coins help young people make better choices.