This is the second straight year that 2K has failed to Nba 2k24 mt distinguish between two giants that are widely thought to be the top centers around the globe. Last year the two were both given 95 out of 100 in 2k23.I find myself eating my way through Ronnie 2K's palm right now. But after all, we're still in the early days of the offseason , and with Kevin Durant pressing pause on the Brooklyn Nets' doomsday device just a few days ago but what else could we possibly have to discuss?

Whatever it is, Madden, NHL, FIFA, MLB the Show, or any other sports league video game, the announcement of every athlete's rating sparks heated debates. When you make public the rankings of every single person in a specific game, then it's natural to get a few crying fans, scorned rivals and opinions of snubbery.

The athletes themselves also speak out sometimes on their ratings to stimulate discussion. Durant did so earlier this week, as did an old teammate of Klay Thompson. Both did not seem happy with their current scores to not the least.It's my opinion that game designers do this to manipulate the game. They make ratings that are controversial enough to stir up debate without jeopardizing the integrity of their game. While doing this, they stimulate discussion about their newest game, hoping that more people will purchase it.

This is why I feel like I'm doing exactly what the players with NBA 2K want right now. And, of course, what else can we talk about? Whatever their motivations, the NBA 2K team released its latest game with their player ratings this week. That includes Brooklyn's 2022-23 roster. As you would expect, a few of cheap 2k24 mt their ratings appeared somewhat off-putting, perhaps rude.