Lady In Question

Автор: Charles Busch

Короткое описание книги

Full Length, Comedy \ 5 m, 4 f \ Int/ext.

\ This hilarious spoof of trashy damsel in distress vs.

Nazis movies packed them in Off Broadway, where the irrepressible author starred as Gertrude Garnet, renowned pianist and world class hedonist.

On tour in Bavaria, Gertrude finds her Nazi hosts charming until she joins Professor Maxwell in plotting to free his mother from the Fuhrer's minions.

They fall in love and, of course, there is a desperate dash on skis to the Swiss border.

This send up is so witty and well constructed that it is equally entertaining when Gertrude is played by a woman.

\ &quote;Bewitchingly entertaining.

I couldn't have had a better time.




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