Автор: Alvaro Enrigue

Короткое описание книги

Shocking, erudite, and affecting, these twenty-odd short stories, &quote;micro-novels,&quote; and vignettes span a vast territory, from Mexico City to Washington, D.


to the late nineteenth-century Adriatic to the blood-soaked foothills of California's gold-rush country, introducing an array of bewildering characters: a professor of Latin American literature who survives a tornado and, possibly, an orgy; an electrician confronting the hardest wiring job of his career; a hapless garbage man who dreams of life as a pirate; and a prodigiously talented Polish baritone waging musical war against his church.

Hypothermiaexplores the perilous limits of love, language, and personality, the brutal gravity of cultural misunderstandings, and the coldly smirking will to self-destruction hiding within our irredeemably carnal lives.

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