Person-Centred Teams

Автор: Helen Sanderson

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Person-Centred Teams provides much-needed guidance on person-centred working following the roll out of personalisation and personal budgets across health and social care.

In order to deliver personalisation you need to work with staff in person-centred ways.

Straightforward and easy-to-read, this practical guide describes how to do this by developing a person-centred team using person-centred practices.

The authors outline their model for developing a team, and how information is recorded in a person-centred team plan.

They explainurpose - how to clarify a team's purpose People - what managers need to know about each team member, and how one-page profiles can helpPerformance - how to clarify service users' expectations of a team's services, and assess whether or not these are being met Process - how person-centred practices can aid teamwork and help your team deliver Progress - how to continuously improve teamwork and performanceEach section features clear illustrations and examples from teams to enable you to develop a person-centred team plan and work together in person-centred ways.

This guide is essential reading for service providers, managers, practitioners and students in the health and social care fields, as well as person-centred planning coordinators and user-led organisations.

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